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Our evolution path !


“Design and art have been my passion since I was a child and produced my first sketches of cars,  architecture, my school teachers caricatures, etc.

After I my graduation as an Industrial Designer, I started my first company that produced the funds to acquire INTER EXPO. Since then, I have been creating and building innovative stands at tradeshows around the world. I have also designed work environments and furniture for offices for enhanced workflow efficiency and captivating image.

Recently, my team and I decided to revolutionize INTER EXPO. First, we changed the company name. We kept the INT part of INTER EXPO to take advantage of our extended experience in the market, then we mixed it with our INTENSE feelings about design and, finally, we added  part of my family name, RAZZINNI, to include my Italian passion for art and that ´s the way INTENZZI was born.

So, that´s the story, we evolved from INTER EXPO to INTENZZI and that is just the beginning of our new approach to design and our innovative resources to enhance brand experience at trade shows and Corporate Events.”

Giuseppino Razzini

Senior Designer & C E O


Our History

Our enthusiastic and passionate team will boost your stand at tradeshows and your marketing event to make it unforgettable.

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